Advice and Info About Enlisting Into the Marine Corps 

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It is very important that you clearly understand that since there are many requirements to get into these elite units and very few spots, the majority of you who have these dreams will never live them out. Very few of you will, but most of you wont and that is just the way it is.

These elite units are not large units, so there are very few Marines in them. You do not just raise your hand and volunteer to join. No buddy, that isn't how it works. You sort of have to be destined to serve in these units and many times just working your ass off isn't gonna cut it.

It is nice to have dreams, but having realistic ones is even nicer. In life it is always best to do step #1 before moving on to steps #2-10. Do not assume you have completed boot camp already, and do not assume you are to good to serve in the regular Marine Corps. Learn to earn your way into these units and learn to prove yourself first to your peers. Learn what exactly these units do and do not assume that you must serve in these units to be a bad ass or that your Marine Corps career is any less if you don't get into these units.

If you woke up today and thought it would be cool to be in MARSOC or RECON or any elite unit, you may want to inject yourself with some reality. You can be the hardest worker and the most motivated person and you can swear up and down that you will make it into one of these units, but reality says otherwise.

It's sort of like playing high school football. We all have dreams of playing college ball and then professional football, but reality tells us that only those who are blessed with natural talent and ability will make it. If you lack natural gifts, it don't matter how hard you workout or how fast or far you can run. You wont make it because others who are naturally gifted will take your spot.

Ask yourself this question: "Do you really think you have what it takes, or is this just a phase of wanting to be cool.?" And be honest when answering this question.

If you are a teenager aged 17 or older then you should know right now if you actually have what it takes or if you are just going through a phase. Be very honest with yourself. It takes a lot more then running a perfect PFT/CFT to make it into these units. Being a PT stud is just one part of the whole picture, and believe it or not, you actually have to use your brain and you must have common sense. Plus being mature and responsible and very self-driven is a huge key to getting into these units which is why you are screened before being accepted.

As much as you guys don't want to hear this, it needs to be said.
The great majority of you who want to be in these units have no clue as to what you are asking to do and you do not have a realistic chance to make it because of this. Most of you will never even try out for these units because you will never meet the many qualifications. Very few people get accepted. Basically many of you are just going through a phase of being typical teenagers who want to do what is perceived as "cool." That is fine, but learn to separate what is possible from what is just fantasy. All you can do is try, but even try outs are reserved for only a very select few and if you want your chance, then you better excel in all aspects.

I am not saying you can not make it and I am not saying that those who work their asses off will never make it.

What I am saying is this: A person who is naturally gifted and blessed with natural skills can sit on his ass his senior year of HS and he can enlist and make it into those units while you, a person with no natural talent can hire personal trainers and can work out from dawn to dusk and at the end of the day he has you beat by a mile.

Those are just the facts of life. There is nothing wrong with admitting you are not cut out for these units and there is nothing wrong with serving in the regular USMC. Somehow many of you today feel like if you don’t serve in an elite unit, then your USMC life is meaningless. GROW THE FUCK UP people!! Life is not all about cool titles and being in the elite units. It is about doing your best and making this world a better place no matter where you serve.

  • You can be the fastest runner on the planet, but if you can’t handle yourself in the water, then you are useless to them. 2) You can be the best swimmer and the fastest runner, but if you can’t fire expert with your weapons, then what good are you. 3) You can be the best overall physical applicant, but what good are you if you have a weak mind. 4) You can have the strongest mind and the best physical stats, but what good are you if you can’t read and understand basic English, or if you can't do basic math.

  • Like I said; the best overall people will make it and they usually are the most gifted people. You must be well rounded and not one dimensional.

  • If you have dreams of serving in Recon and then going SEALS or Rangers, then you may be looking at all this from fantasy land. Step into reality and stop being silly.

  • Endurance and being able to perform your duties when exhausted is another huge key to getting into these units along with being very self-driven.

  • When trying out for these elite units make sure you understand where you will end up if you do not pass. Just always remember, somebody has to make it into these units, so why not you.

  • If you do not qualify for a security clearance for whatever issue (police, drugs, mental issues), you may want to cancel any dreams of serving in any elite unit.

  • Most elite units are not open to new boot Marines, so don't worry about these units right now. You must be in your unit first. Recon is open to new boot Marines.