Advice and Info About Enlisting Into the Marine Corps 

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The following writing/poem is about a U.S. Marine recruit's first night in his training platoon:

An eery silence surrounds me,
Fearing what will come next.

I lay in my rack,
Staring at a ceiling of relentless confusion.

Afraid to move,
Echoes reminding me of an unavoidable reality.

Feeling entombed,
Silhouettes around me seeming lifeless.

Time seems to be standing still,
Every second lined with anticipation.

Never have I felt so irrelevant,
While being the center of attention.

Wicked souls being paroled,
New life is going to have to be earned.

Distant is my past, surreal is the present, vivid is my future;
A sublime world I have entered.

I can feel the pain that awaits me,
Nowhere to hide in this state of chaos.

I clench my fists and begin to pray,
The devil's voice answering my invocations.

A man-made sunrise signaling the beginning of a new day,
Now I am standing before you.

Steely eyed,
Locked in the position of attention,
Wreaking of fear.

Bring it on mother fuckers!

Fear is human nature and perfectly fine.
It is what we do with our fears that makes us into the warriors we eventually become.