Advice and Info About Enlisting Into the Marine Corps 

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The following poem/writing is about earning the title of MARINE only to eventually tarnish it while experiencing many emotions:

I step onto two hallowed impressions,
A moment of unspeakable reverence.

My innocence awaits to be stripped,
A mold steeped in tradition awaits me.

I have dreamed of this for years,
And I want this more than anything.

Young and naive,
I have it all figured out.

This burden not for the weak,
Gonna take all my heart to reach the pinnacle.

One day at a time,
My confidence thrusting me into unprecedented heights.

Seeds of doubt,
Blossoming into my manhood.

Ethos engraved into my mind,
I surrender myself to this Brotherhood.

Tears of fear, tears of pain, tears of joy,
A stoic man reaches out to me.

For better or worse,
The grandest stage is now before me.

A revealing world filled with hypocrisy and denial,
Camouflage uniforms hiding true colors.

My hopes and dreams begin to collide with a cruel reality,
And my facade begins to crumble.

It all begins to run away,
The river of pride emptying into an ocean of acceptance.

I'm left with a title,
And the uncertainty of its true meaning.

I've tarnished something pure,
The bigger picture hidden by my ignorance.

Today I'm half the man I thought I was,
And I have learned just how tough I really am.