Advice and Info About Enlisting Into the Marine Corps 

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The following words are directed at those grunts or wannabee grunts who have deep true negative issues with any Marine who enlists with a different job than they did. It is not intended for those grunts who know what is up and who are the consummate professionals.

You very often hear about how if you aren’t a grunt, then you aren’t shit. Well that is all just fine and dandy if that is what you choose to believe. It takes a Marine with big balls to admit that he made a mistake in picking the infantry job field. I have met, served with and interviewed many grunts who regretted their decision simply because the job was not what they thought it would be like. They are very proud of being grunts, but they ended up feeling that maybe they should have chosen a different job for various reasons which often are not seen until later on down the road. There are just too many bullshit games played in the infantry, and the amount of wasted time is just too much. You would think that as a grunt each day would be filled with some form of very exciting and motivating infantry training. Well the reality is that this is far from the truth.

One of the most interesting facts that some grunt Marines admitted to me was that they very often had to act like the majority and hate on non-infantry Marines just to fit in. No one, especially a grunt wants to be the outcast of his platoon and much of the negativity that is spoken by some grunts is simply a result of peer pressure. I have noticed that if you find an honest grunt and speak to him one on one in a private setting, he very often will act much differently than if you speak to him among his peers in a public forum such as Facebook. I have also noticed that many grunts and grunt wannabees feel the strong need to make themselves look like a hard-ass. From their views, to how they speak, to how they act, the attempts to come off as a bad-ass hardened Marine can be comical at times and is quiet pathetic.

The reason many grunts poke fun at non-grunts and actually mean what they say is because they are probably bitter that they chose a job that they thought was going to be cool, and it turned out to be anything but cool. And many grunts quickly realize that they probably should of tried to gain future job skills. Plus some who enlist into this field are just closed minded and hard headed and think that everyone must be like them. Different strokes for different folks is a concept that is not understood by many who serve in the infantry field. Some grunts can't stand the fact that a non-grunt is viewed in the same manner as he is by society, so this is also where much of their hatred comes from. That is called being insecure. If a grunt thinks he’s this and that and if he feels he has been to hell and back, then why would he care about non-grunts? Insecurities perhaps! Does being a non-grunt Marine take away from what a grunt accomplishes? I don’t see how, but many grunts seem to think otherwise.

If a grunt has a problem with a non-grunt's job, then he needs to take this issue up with the USMC since they allow Marines to do non-grunt jobs. Why would you truly hate on another fellow brother just because he has different priorities then you may have? The answer is because you are probably very juvenile and insecure. News flash: Not everyone who joins the Marines is interested in the grunt life. Just because you may pick the infantry field, this doesn’t mean the rest of the world owes you shit, or that you are superior to them. You may feel it does, but it doesn’t.

Many grunts do love their job and those are the consummate professionals and the ones who get the respect from everyone else including me. The loud mouth, obnoxious wannabee bad ass Marines are the ones who are complete jokes and very often are the biggest wussies out in the field. Remember this folks, the more you try to be a hard-ass, the more silly you will end up looking. All of us should try to be who we truly are and not who we wish we were. It is those asshole grunt Marines who walk around slamming every Marine who is not a grunt that makes the USMC and the infantry look bad. Making fun of non-infantry Marines is perfectly fine, but when you cross the line and actually mean it with malice, you are nothing but a piece of shit and you live up to the stereotype that grunts are very stupid people. What ever happened to being professional? I guess that don't apply to some Marines.

What is hilarious is that many grunts very often say that non-grunts are the ones who come home after deploying and tell war stories that never existed. If you only knew how many grunts I have spoken to who either flat out lie, or exaggerate their adventures in order to make themselves out to be something they are not. Think about this: Which Marines do you think have the motive to lie or exaggerate about their adventures? That’s right; the ones who are expected to experience a certain lifestyle are usually the ones who tell some tall tales.

Some of you out there may think that every grunt is a hard core combat veteran. Oh boy are you greatly mistaken. In the USMC you have many non-grunts (pogs) who have seen more combat then some grunts. And just being an infantryman does not mean you will be in combat. Even when deployed, combat is not guaranteed. Just being a grunt doesn't mean you are a bad ass, trust me, I have seen this first hand.

Can you imagine picking the infantry job during a time of war because you think you are going to be big and bad and kill many men and then your unit doesn't even deploy to the Middle East? How funny would you look at the end of the day? Think about that Mr. Bad Ass.

SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT: Most grunts enlist when they are 17, 18, 19 years of age. At those ages the infantry can seem fun and motivating. But at 22-23 years of age, when you are getting out of the Marine Corps, many grunts often realize what a huge mistake it was to pick the infantry MOS field.

I do not respect grunts any more then I respect an admin Marine or a Marine cook or a mechanic. I tend to respect each person for who they are and not because of some label. If any Marine of any MOS experiences something that warrants a higher level of respect, then this will be when that respect is granted. But as a general rule, I don't go around kissing the ass of a grunt just because he picked the infantry MOS.

The funny thing about grunt units is that many of the young Marines in them can't wait to get the hell out. I wonder why? I sort of get the feeling that many grunts love being viewed as grunts by other Marines and by civilians, but they despise the infantry life. At the end of the day if you become a grunt and feel it necessary to hate on those who did not choose the same job as you, then power to you. Just remember it is your actions which define you and which make you look silly at the end of the day.

And if you serve as a grunt during peace time, never forget that you will have seen as much combat as any other Marine.

If you want to have the respect of everyone who meets you, then don't act like you are better than they are. It's that simple. Imagine going through life and the only retards who respect you are those who are just like you. That truly is a very pathetic life.