Advice and Info About Enlisting Into the Marine Corps 

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The question of whether or not you can pass Marine Corps Recruit Training is the number one issue that pops up when one considers enlisting into the Marine Corps.

Because of the USMC's image and reputation, most of you will make boot camp out to be something it is not.

Cut through all the hype and sift through all the bullshit exaggerations and you will clearly see that Marine Corps boot camp can be passed by anyone who ships to boot camp.

Despite reading what is on this page and despite possibly hearing from other Marines that boot camp is "overrated", most of you are still going to go into boot camp thinking that it is going to take a miracle to pass it.

Since boot camp is structured to be passed and not failed and since the USMC isn't interested in weeding out the non-hackers, no miracle is going to be needed and most of you will graduate. As long as you do your best and pass the minimum requirements, you will graduate.

WHY YOU WILL PASS BOOT CAMP: At the end of the day the number one reason why you will pass boot camp is because you enlisted and you shipped out. You shouldn't be sitting there right now wondering if you can pass. Better question is why wouldn't you pass boot camp. What exactly is so difficult about boot camp that is causing you to think that you may not pass it? The answer to that question is that you are over-thinking it and you are probably making boot camp out to be something it is not.

It is actually very hard to not graduate. They will do everything in their power including giving you multiple chances to pass any required failed event in order to graduate.

  • If you are injured or get an illness and can't be healed, you will be kicked out. They do not kick you out just because you get injured or get sick. They only kick you out when your injury or illness cannot be healed to their standards.

  • If they discover something that you didn't know you had and if this issue is a no go, you will be kicked out. You have no control over this issue, so don't worry about it. Many of you have medical issues that you may not know about and sometimes these issues are exposed while in boot camp. If this happens you will be evaluated and they will determine if you can move on or if you will get kicked out.

  • If you repeatedly fail any of the required events, you will be kicked out. Keep in mind you are given multiple chances to pass these events if you fail them. They will even send you to a different platoon so you can try to pass if you are really having issues. So in the event that you just can't pass one of these events, then a Marine you will never become.

  • If you flat out refuse to train, eventually you will be kicked out.

  • If you fail your drug test or if they find out you lied during the enlistment process, you can be kicked out. Yes, as stupid as it sounds, some of you idiots will get high that one last time and you will fail your piss test.

  • Of course there are many obvious issues that will get you kicked out. Just use common sense. If you attempt to kill yourself or to kill someone else, you will be kicked out. If you try to flee boot camp in the middle of the night, you will be kicked out. If you are just a problematic recruit who just can't adjust and is always getting into trouble, you can be kicked out.  

You are not kicked out of boot camp because you might be a slow runner, or because you may struggle on the obstacles or because you are that one clumsy or slow recruit. As long as you pass your required tests and as long as you try your best, your performance doesn't really matter and you will graduate. Not every Marine who graduates boot camp will be a PT stud or a rifle expert, so don't worry about how you will perform. I cannot stress this point enough: The USMC tries very hard to graduate everyone who ships to boot camp.


--- If you are a slow runner, you are not abused to make you a faster runner and you are not dropped back in training because of this. All they will do is yell at you to motivate you and that is that. You will have issues if you can't pass your required running test in the time limit. Not to worry because the minimum run time to pass can be accomplished by a one legged pirate.

--- If you struggle on an obstacle, they don't force you up to the top in hopes that you fall and kill yourself.

--- If you have issues memorizing your knowledge, they don't force you to stay awake all night so you can study.

--- If you have to use the restroom, they don't deny you this privilege so you can crap your pants.

--- If you fall and cut yourself and are injured, they don't yell at you and tell you to suck it up.

--- If drop your food in the chow hall you aren't forced to pick it up and eat it.

--- If you are slow to learn your rifle drill, you are not slapped in the face with the butt of your rifle.

--- If you struggle  during swim qual they wont grab you and force you into the pool until you figure it out. They actually work with you and will help you so you can pass.

Your safety is their number one priority and you are not abused or tortured. I know we all want to think since this is USMC boot camp then it must be super hard-core, but it is far from that and it is going to be something that you didn't expect.

There is no doubt that Marine Corps boot camp is the hardest of all the branches and no matter if you attend Parris Island or San Diego, you will go through the toughest challenge of your young life. But anyone can make it. All you need is heart and with that comes desire. Everything else that you bring with you such as athletic superiority, knowledge, and discipline is just a bonus that will vault you above your peers in your new world.
  • If you are undecided about enlisting into the Marine Corps because of your worrying about whether you can pass boot camp or not, you really should disregard this issue and move ahead with your decision. As us Marines love to say, boot camp for many Marines will be the easiest thing you do as a Marine. Never forget that the "tough" part is what comes after boot camp and you can be kicked out after boot camp also, so don't go into this thinking you have it made just because you graduate a basic 90 day boot camp.
  • Not every Marine is a killer. Just because a person graduates boot camp, this does not mean he can kick your ass or kill you. Do not over-hype the USMC, because it makes us look bad. 90 days of boot camp makes you into a basic Marine and not into some mythical warrior who can leap through fire and conquer the world.

  • Many people don’t join the Marines because of its hard-ass reputation. If you truly want to become a Marine, then don’t let that image scare you.

  • The dropout rate in boot camp is near 10 percent and most of those are due to injuries. Remember, they do everything in their power to make sure you pass. If boot camp was as tough as you may be thinking, don’t you think many more recruits would fail it?

  • Boot camp is fun, scary, and at times very funny. It is an adventure that you will never forget. I can guarantee you that you are probably making boot camp out to be a lot harder and scarier than it actually is. It is a lot easier than you think. Part of what makes boot camp tougher than it actually is, is the fact that you make it harder by constantly thinking about it. Trust me; it is not as hard as you think. Don’t get me wrong, it is not a cake walk, but it is also not that hard. The purpose of boot camp is to pass you and to make you into basic Marines and not to fail you.

  • To make boot camp easier and to suffer less while there you can simply learn all the KNOWLEDGE that is given to you while in the DEP and you be in the best shape you can get into. And you must also accept the fact that you asked to do this, so don’t whine when you are made to play in the mud or when your feelings get hurt. You asked to enter boot camp, so man up and accept what you got yourself into.

  • There will be recruits who are not in shape and there will be people who are in excellent shape. Just try your hardest. In the end it all evens out. EXAMPLE: I was not the fastest runner. So obviously that means I will stick out. But when it came to the rifle range I had the second best score while the fastest runner barely qualified. Like I said, it is about the whole experience and not one event. Some people excel in this area, while others excel in other areas. Just do your best and never quit.

  • If you want to be a Marine then you are going to have to earn that title. Nothing is given and everything must be earned. Don’t worry about what others think about the USMC and don’t let its reputation scare you from earning the right to say, SEMPER FIDELIS!

  • Boot camp is only 90 days. Do not forget to look past boot camp. The hard part begins once you graduate, so don't forget to think about the bigger picture.

  • Once boot camp gets going, you will get into a rhythm and you will get use to your daily routine. It's not always going to be fast paced and chaotic. I cannot stress this point enough: As time passes, boot camp becomes much more easier in every way.

Never ever forget that once you graduate boot camp, you still have a lot to get done. An entire enlistment/career is what defines you as a Marine and not some simple 13 weeks of a very basic boot camp. <<< Think about that and remember it!!