Advice and Info About Enlisting Into the Marine Corps 

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The  following writing is a creative look at the round of a USMC Sniper as it is fired and impacts its target:

As I twist and turn I am forever scarred to reveal my true identity. I scream loudly as I exit the cold steel that so graciously guides me towards my mark. My movement is rapid and soon I will wreak havoc on an unsuspecting foe. I am now heated but I carry no emotion. One must be crystal clear about my intentions, as once started my actions are forever irreversible.

With a simple squeeze my journey begins while another will soon come to an abrupt end. Emotions are only felt by the one who has wished for me to have a perfect flight. Day or night, rain or shine, my mission is always the same, and that is to deliver absolute lethality to whomever lays within the vision of the scope.My route is carefully planned out and the elements have been calculated for. The most minuscule of errors can have me going astray and in my world that will result in failure. The unlucky recipient of the tremendous punch I pack will never know from which direction I am coming from. I will either end up on the ground as I perform my painful yet sometimes painless, ‘through and through’ routine, or I will impact with objects that can not stop me as I penetrate flesh and tumble around until I come to a final rest.

In a matter of seconds I have gone from resting as a complete object to putting someone to a permanent rest. I have left behind a case that will forever remind someone of the macabre deed I have delivered. As I glance around I realize that I am not the only one who is now permanently disfigured. My appearance, unlike my mark’s is a thing of beauty, as I was created to be disfigured and my now lifeless friend was not.

From several hundred meters away my master has seen my final work and approves highly of it. Calm and cool he may be, but I am hot and ecstatic as I have accomplished what I was tailor made to do. He has proven the importance of trust as he has trusted in his abilities to send me on my way. When confidence is combined with trust there is no limit to what can be accomplished. Now I can truly see why my master has practiced this sequence of events over and over. An artists he definitely is, as he has created a unique masterpiece and his canvass is the upper torso of another human being.

As he looks through his scope one final time towards me, even I am impressed at the precision displayed by this disciplined young man who held me so tightly only a few seconds ago. My primed partners I have left behind to rest in formation until they are needed. But what they do not realize is that where I now call home is where they need to be. And the tremendous rush felt on my journey can never truly be described to man as I have experienced it through my lead filled eyes.

Today I learned just how precious life truly is. One second we are in the here and now, and the next second can have you in a reality filled with pain and or death. I began this wonderful journey as a thing of pure beauty. My flawless sexy body has the sex appeal only noticed by a very select few. My erotic curves when held in your hand create a love so strong that one wishes separation would come in order to release the beauty held within. Oh the irony, the sooner the divorce, then the sooner both parties will forever climax.

If my appearance arouses you, then you truly know the meaning of these most glorious of words here, “One Shot, One Kill.”…FEEL THE RUSH.