Advice and Info About Enlisting Into the Marine Corps

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To those who wish to one day serve in the Marine Corps, I offer you your first challenge:

Believe and trust in yourself and in your abilities. If in high school, then enjoy this time and explore all that life has to offer. Continue to grow and to mature so when the time comes for you to shine, you will be much better prepared. Never be in a rush to grow up, and never be afraid to be who you truly are.

Allow for no one to keep you from reaching your destiny and do not do anything to yourself that may keep you from serving. I will not wish you luck because no luck is needed. It takes plenty of heart to complete an entire enlistment and you must take the first step.

Don't force yourself into any place in which you do not belong, and do not fear the unknown. Enlisting is not an easy thing to do, so always remember that many others are feeling the exact same way you may be feeling.

Whether your destiny brings you into the Marine Corps or into one of the other outstanding branches, you will have solidified your place in our nation's history. Officer or enlisted, grunt or mechanic, male or female, green or dark green, the flag we defend and have defended for many years now needs you in order to guarantee she remain standing proud and tall. The decision is yours.

Remember, I am not here to get you to enlist or to keep anyone from enlisting. I am simply here to tell you about the realities of what you are asking to be a part of. Good or bad, the truth is found on this site and will only benefit you. This website is the ultimate tool to better prepare your mental state and this can only occur if you read, understand, and most importantly, accept what you read here. This site tells it like it is and is not worried about who may be offended. Most Marines and the Marine Corps itself often refuse to mention many key things to potential recruits which will mislead them and this is why this website was created. Semper Fi!!



That is a valid question and I will try to answer it:

Future Jarheads has been dealing/working with future Marines since about 2004. Over this time Future Jarheads has mentored hundreds of prospects, poolees and boot Marines and continues to do so on a daily basis. It is safe to say that Future Jarheads has a greater understanding of what issues and concerns future Marines are thinking about than most people since we deal with them on a daily basis. Future Jarheads also speaks to new Marines often and he also speaks to Marines of all ranks and of all MOS's to remain as relevant and updated as possible. Future Jarheads also has nothing to gain or to lose by your choosing to enlist or not enlist.

It was never the intention of Future Jarheads to create this website. This site was only created after noticing that the same questions and concerns were being asked about over and over throughout the years. This website is actually a result of all of your questions. Add all of this to his rare ability to speak in an unbiased manner, factor in his unique view on life, his USMC service and his true caring about others and the result is Future Jarheads; a one of a kind perspective on the Marine Corps and life after it. Believe it or not, many who read through this site will not accept or believe what is written here due to how they perceive the USMC to be and due to other USMC sources contradicting what is written here. This I cannot control and all I can say is that if I were enlisting in today's Corps, I would want to read through this website over and over.
  • Each Marine's experience will vary since we are all different and the type of unit you serve in may also play a huge role in how your Marine Corps adventure goes. Do not assume that how it went for one Marine will be how it goes for you, especially if the Marine giving you advice served in a different era. Most Marines/people are biased when giving info about their careers and not all of them are good at explaining what is actually important, so try not to put to much weight on the opinion's of others. It is very important you learn who to listen to and who to ignore when gathering your info. Do not make the mistake of believing everything a Marine says just because he or she may be a Marine/veteran and do not forget that there is often much more to what is said then what you hear

  • As a civilian, it is very easy to create these wonderful masterful plans of everything you will accomplish while in the Marines. It is very easy to assume you will be able to do this while also doing that, but unfortunately when it comes to the Marine Corps things will rarely go as planned and shit seems to happen often. There are so many variables and unforeseen events that come into play when dealing with the Corps which is why it is best to serve some time first to better understand what is possible and what is not. Do not try to figure out the Corps from the outside because this is an impossible task. After serving two years or so is when you will have a much better feel for what is possible and what is not.

  • Here is something to think about: Prior to shipping to boot camp most of you can't wait to get the process started and you act as if being a Marine is a matter of life and death. Once you've graduated recruit training, many of you will now do the complete opposite. You will begin to count down the days until you get out of the Marines. There is no denying that this takes place, so think about it, especially when choosing your job. I don't give a good God damn what the USMC recruiters preach, but you better clearly understand that there is much more to being a Marine then just passing boot camp.

  • Many USMC rules and regulations are subject to change and many rules and regulations are not as simple as 1 + 1 = 2 which is why some of your questions and concerns should only be discussed with an active recruiter. Despite the USMC having rules and regulations, you will often discover that within a unit, there will be many added unwritten rules which you must follow, especially during your job's schooling. It is becoming more and more popular to challenge and to question orders and doing this can often result in a lot of negativity coming down on you. Once you decide to enlist, you choose to play by their rules no matter how unfair you may think these rules are. So you better hammer it into your head right now that life isn't always going to be fair and your only choice is going to be to suck it up. Of course I am not speaking about illegal orders.

  • The Marine Corps that is being sold to you right now is not going to be the same as the one you serve in. The image, the hype, the brotherhood, the Ooh Rah, the hard core PT, the Semper Fi and all that other stuff will be heavily pounded into your head as a prospect and all throughout the DEP and especially during boot camp. But after this point you are going to notice a very different Marine Corps and this can leave a bad taste in your mouth. Not everyone who joins the USMC is all Gung-Ho and not every career Marine runs around yelling "Semper Fi." If you have these super high expectations in regards to the Corps, you may be setting yourself up for disappointment.

  • Do I think the Marine Corps is the best of the best? Of course not. Since there is only one Marine Corps, this means they are only the best at doing what the Marine Corps does. Each branch has its own mission therefore making it the best at what it does. If there were five USMC's, then and only then could we compare all of them to each other to see which is the best, but since there is only one, it is a moot point. Last time I checked the USMC doesn't run a Navy or a massive ground Army, so how can it be the best of the best? There is zero doubt that a brand new Marine is the best trained warrior in America when compared to the other branches' new troops, but this doesn't equate to being better overall. A Marine can get his ass kicked by many of you or by many from other branches and Marines fuck up all the time just like everyone else, so learn to keep things in perspective and don't let it all go to your head.  If it helps you live a better life by believing the Marine Corps is the best of the best, then carry on with your bad self.

  • Joining the Marine Corps because of its cool reputation or image is a main reason why many of you will enlist into the USMC despite none of you ever admitting this. That is fine and you need to think about this: At the end of the day wanting to wear that title of "Marine" will cost some of you to miss out on a much better future. It is no secret that the other branches have much more to offer you and would probably be a much better fit for many of you, but yet you will choose to enlist into the Marines because the idea of being an Airman, a Soldier, or Sailor doesn't really make the same impact as being seen as a Marine. At the end of the day what exactly do you think the image and reputation will get you in life? Imagine sacrificing a much better future for the sake of being called a Marine. In the end I hope it all works out for you., especially for those of you who pick the 03xx/Infantry for all of the wrong reasons.

  • A 90 day boot camp does not define you as a Marine and it doesn't make you into a bad ass warrior. It is your entire enlistment that will accomplish this. So when enlisting, do not put all of your dreams and hopes on just passing boot camp. For many of you, boot camp will be the easiest thing you accomplish as a Marine. And if you are worried about not making it through boot camp, remember this: More Marines get kicked out after boot camp then during boot camp for a wide range of reasons, so think about that. I cannot stress this enough. USMC recruit training is structured to be passed and not failed and nothing you do during boot camp is advanced, so try your best not to let all the hype go to your head.

Most of the information and advice found here is to be used as a guide and it is not to be interpreted as being official Marine Corps policy. Some of the info here may not apply to you, especially if you are choosing to serve in the reserves. So continue reading and take from it what you can and remember, if you read something in this website that rubs you the wrong way or goes against what you've always thought, keep an open mind and don't assume we are wrong just to make yourself happy. KILL!!