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To those who wish to one day serve in the Marine Corps, I offer you your first challenge. Believe and trust in yourself and in your abilities. If in high school, then enjoy this time and explore all that life has to offer. Continue to grow and to mature so when the time comes for you to shine, you will be much better prepared. Never be in a rush to grow up, and never be afraid to be who you truly are. Allow for no one to keep you from reaching your destiny and do not do anything to yourself that may keep you from serving. I will not wish you luck because no luck is needed. It takes plenty of heart to complete an entire enlistment and you must take the first step. Don't force yourself into any place in which you do not belong, and do not fear the unknown. Enlisting is not an easy thing to do, so always remember that many others are feeling the exact same way you may be feeling.

Whether your destiny brings you into the Marine Corps or into one of the other outstanding branches, you will have solidified your place in our nation's history. Officer or enlisted, grunt or mechanic, male or female, green or dark green, the flag we defend and have defended for many years now needs you in order to guarantee she remain standing proud and tall. The decision is yours.

Remember, I am not here to get you to enlist or to keep anyone from enlisting. I am simply here to tell you about the realities of what you are asking to be a part of. Good or bad, the truth is found on this site and will only benefit you. This website is the ultimate tool to better prepare your mental state and this can only occur if you read, understand, and most importantly, accept what you read here. This site tells it like it is and is not worried about who may be offended. Most Marines and the Marine Corps itself often refuse to mention many key things to potential recruits which will mislead them and this is why this website was created. Semper Fi!!