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  • HOW TO GET THE JOB YOU WANT: A page that explains how the process of picking and acquiring your desired job might go. There are many tips and a lot of good advice in regards to signing for your desired job on this page.
  • HOW TO PICK YOUR USMC JOB: An explanation of how to go about picking your job. Tips and advice about selecting your job. If you are unsure of what job to pick, this is a good page for you to read through.
  • CHANGING YOUR JOB - LAT MOVES: This page explains how you may or may not be allowed to switch jobs once you have shipped to boot camp and while in the Marines. If you are being told you can change your job later on down the road, or if you plan on switching jobs while in the Marines, make sure you read this page.
  • SPECIAL OPS WANNABEES: This page explains some of the realities about trying to serve in the elite units such as Sniper, Recon, Force Recon, or Marsoc.
  • SNIPER INFORMATION: Some advice for those who wish to become snipers and you will also find a list of the basic requirements to qualify for sniper duty on this page.
  • JOBS FOUND IN AN INFANTRY UNIT: An explanation of how some non-infantry jobs can have you being stationed in an infantry battalion. Also on this page is a basic example of how serving in different types of units can have you experiencing a very different USMC. Plus you will find a list of non-infantry jobs that are found in an infantry unit.